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Your business experience should encompass everything. This includes ads, sales promotions, social media, your website & your signage. In this advancing digital age, signage plays a very important role. According to research, 40% of customer decision is made on what see on digital signage.

Help us to help you to improve your brand equity, experience, and loyalty.

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To promote your business, the truth of the matter is that there are lots of different options for you to choose from!

Digital Signage Solutions

High resolution screens with centralized control of information. Manage any number screens from anywhere, anytime.

Rich Media Support

Multi-zone, multi-display content with rich media support including web URLs, social media, Images, Powerpoint, PDF and Video

Power Scheduler

Dynamically control your media playlists. Schedule it hourly, daily, weekly & monthly with proof of play reports


What Our Clients Say!

It is very easy to work with the team in Dolphin. They are innovative and highly efficient in increasing sales.

Srikanth Patel

Store Owner
We use the Dolphin Signage Managed plans for 10 screens that is installed in two different stores. This makes the management of store ads and maintaining pricelist very easy.

Derik Kaminski

Store Owner
Dolphin Signage helped us to minimize the marketing efforts of our products in store. The real-time editor for product prices on screen from cell phone is very cool!

Lidia Thomas

Store Chain Owner

The best in the industry

Dolphin Signage

Created for brand awareness, Digital signage can be the best solution for your business in the increasingly digital world.